Hyman Quartz Glass Co., Ltd

As a fabricator of quartz glass, Hyman Quartz Product company, was established in 2002.

Hyman has 3 manufacturing plants, which allows us to maintain a wide range of inventory, and make in-time delivery of quartz tube, quartz plate, quartz instruments, and other relative products. These projects are supported by the best engineers, machinists, and glass-blowing industry system works. Our factoryes have complete processing equipment and advanced inspection equipment, such as graving machine, laser cutting machines, size cylindrical grinder, 3D inspecting instrument, and projector and so on. Therefore, we can strategically meet customer demand.

We are also good at technology products for all types of assistance, including SS fabrication and quartz quality verification. Because of our country’s most state-of-the-art equipment and methods, we are able to achieve the industry’s most stringent standards and tolerances. Our product workmanship and quality is always fully guaranteed.

Hyman Quartz is proud of the expertise, and we welcome all opportunities of cooperation with valuable clients. We will provide prompt assessment of your project and offer.